How does our ordering process work?

You have just visited our website and seeing something you really like. It maybe a custom ship model for your fathers upcoming birthday, perhaps a fleet of merchant ships for your company to share with your partners and clients for branding purposes. Perhaps even a large custom model for an exhibition or simply a figure of your beloved movie star or athlete. That’s great!


Now time to choose your favourite product or design. Have you seen some features you like in perhaps 2 products? No problem. Choose a product from our shop from your desired section and add your requirements in the comments section after choosing the specifications (size, colour, etc) you wish to have. Not able to find exactly what you want in any of our products? Not an issue at all. Simply drop us an email via the contact page, send us a message on our Facebook page or simply email us at with all your details to get your design “custom-made to perfection”. We also have a phone number available for any queries or questions so do not hesitate to give us a call.

Once you place your order, payment will be taken via your preferred method – that being PayPal or direct bank transfer – and you will be provided with a confirmation email of your order along with regular updates of your design and progress of your work. You will be able to be in regular contact with our designer and be provided with a tracking number in order to track the progress of your delivery. Times of delivery and construction do vary due to the nature of the work and rely heavily on your specifications and requirements, but we are always more than happy to meet deadlines and provide your chosen piece in a timely fashion.


So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our exciting new website, choose your favourite products and place your order now. We look forward to working alongside you! Do not hesitate to comment on our blog below, ask any queries and let us know of any recommendations you may have for new pages or product additions to our variety. We are always open to improving our website and service/offerings, so we look forward to the continuous rapport and interaction with our clientele worldwide.

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